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Star Tech Ventures

Star Tech Ventures, is a new early stage specialized Italian VC fund . The STV fund is aimed to invest in the most prominent startups within the Aerospace and Security Industry (Italy, Europe, Israel and USA) , Acting as catalyst for change, we aim to accelerate the translation of research and new ideas into scalable business. You are a visionary investor or an ambitious entrepreneur, let's get in touch!

Sector Focus

STV focus on two of the most rapidly growing sectors, which strongly impact the national competitiveness and share the value creation.

Funding the present for bulding the future!



Investment Team is strongly complementary, with many years of experience in the Venture Capital & Private Equity, a relevant track record, technology and business skills, fully dedicated and committed. Accompanied by a Scientific Board with high knowledge and strong industrial ties for each sector.

Investment Criteria

25 Innovative Italian startups or Italian PMI (Pre-seed, seed and early stage, TRL > 4 ) ; The focus is in leading edge intellectual property and technologies with high barrier of entry; ESG compliance. No investment in startup creation, already established companies in Italy, no weapons.


Star Tech Ventures aims to boost the Italian Technology Transfer ecosystem in the sector of Aerospace and Security. The adopted strategy focuses on support the financial need of the entire technology transfer value-chain of the target sectors. STV believe that the adoption of adequate financial instruments, for funding innovation across different stages, could be the key enabler for a faster and more effective TT process.


Hands-on involvement with follow-ons at different stage. No Spray & Pray. Support with industrial and/or project reorganizations, organic and external company growth; Where necessary, strengthening leadership with the addition of highly experienced managers, essential for Technology Transfer out of University; Strategic partnerships established for pipeline, co-investments and exits.

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